Run with the Big Dogs

We got to spend an afternoon with one of DogVacay’s hosts Mike and his amazing rescue Toby on a stroll around East Side River.

Mike is a NY host at DogVacay, a website and app that makes it easier for pet owners to search for sitters nearby and book experienced hosts that know what they’re doing. For dog owners out there, it’s a really convenient service while traveling because you can have your dog stay in a comfortable home environment. Best yet, you get photo and text updates from your host everyday so you can see that happy face and rest easy.

So next time you travel, make arrangements so your pet gets a vacation while you’re gone too. After all, they totally deserve it.

Use the promo code “MENSWEARDOG” for $10 off your first DogVacay use. 

Something about those shirts the pups are wearing makes me feel really nostalgiac, it’s a bittersweet feeling